Customized Fat Loss - No Satisfaction or Refund

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Approximately 3 weeks ago I purchased Kyle Leon's Customized Fall Loss program.I received pdf'd documents, no hard copy workbooks as led to believe.

Within days I realized it will not work for me. It may work for others (though I doubt it) but it does not work for me. I continue to receive emails regarding the successes of others using the system, AND emails from an associate selling other diet suppliments. NONE OF THIS WORKS FOR ME.

I've tried to contact customer service, but without success.

100% SATISFACTION was GUARANTEED.I would like a refund of the $47 I paid.

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It’s our job to answer your concerns and make you happy to the best of our abilities.

Please just click the ‘Contact’ button on our web site.

Simply send us your real name and your purchase particulars, or your question, concern, or request and we’ll service you with the same award winning 5STAR treatment that we use with each of our valued, respected clients.

Our web site has been acknowledged as the easiest to navigate and obtain service among thousands of online business competitors!

Thank you for your business, we appreciate your loyal support and we’ll strive to solve whatever problem , or concern that you have encountered.

Best Regards From Our Dedicated Service Team,

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Sorry for the additional post.I forgot to add this to my last comment.

You're right about the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All you can do is try to contact customer service again.Good luck with everything.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #712480

Let me start off by saying I am in no way affiliated with CFL at all! I've used this program loosely...meaning I was not as strict with my diet as I should have and I still saw amazing results.

After I purchased the CFL program, I thought I was missing a file and contacted customer service. I had no problem receiving a response.

The website specifically states, "NOTE: Customized Fat Loss is a downloadable program. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the program and all the bonus programs onto your computer."

When you start any diet program, there are bad habits you will need to break. This change can take 2-3 weeks. Everything you need to succeed is given to you with this program...the diet is based on the info YOU entered. Maybe there's something I'm missing. Is it too hard to eat these meals during the day or you don't want to prepare the necessary meals for the week? Most diets will give you whole foods to eat (which is the best way to eat) rather than eating only protein bars or drinking protein shakes. That's why they are called supplement your daily food intake.

You obviously downloaded the CFL program for a reason. I don't know what motivated you to do it but there's a reason. Take that reason and run with it! You gave up before you had a chance to get settled in a routine. You have to make realistic short and long term goals for yourself. Write down your...

I'm going out on a limb here but I'm sure you have things that limit your ability to eat meals during the day, that's almost everyones situation! Rather than complaining that NONE OF THIS WORKS FOR YOU, why not give it your best effort and give yourself some time using the program? The ingredients per meal are measured out for you versus other programs that only say, "eat chicken, brown rice and steamed broccoli or a chicken salad." Regardless of your choice, good luck losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

::steps off soapbox:: All I can say is the program worked for me. I'm sorry for the rant but it's the same advice that was given to me when I wanted to give up right away.

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